_ adidas x Kinfolk Ultraboost, Creative Director

Summary: adidas created an initiative called the Ultraboost Collective, which involves brands to collaborate with the company to create an ultraboost. Kinfolk was invited by adidas to do their own special colorway.

Role: Creative Director + Photo/Video

Challenges: For the project, adidas asked us to create our own delvierables to promo the product. Our first plan had fell through last minute and so I decided to take on the project myself to turn around the following week.

Creative Solution: With the time crun ch, I contacted a friend of mine who’s an artist to model the shoe. I wanted to highlight him because I wanted the editorial to feel like Kinfolk: universal, community driven, and artisanal. I shot a video and photo editorial to tie in the collaboration using tone and mood to compliment adidas and Kinfolk’s feel on the shoe.

Model: KeithCharles
Music By: KeithCharles