_ adidas x Fiorucci for Kinfolk, Creative Producer | Event Producer

Summary: In 1976, Fiorucci opened its doors in New York City. Standing for graphic energy, invention and creativity, Fiorucci became known to be essential to bringing a vibrant take on experience. Things that don’t just exist in the past, but belong to the present and the future, too.

Fiorucci, paved away in retail, bringing like-minded creatives, artists, and party people into once space. With that very essence, Kinfolk has taken inspiration from the very concept; creating an environment inviting all walks of life to come in our spaces, to share their stories, radiate creativity, and motivate aspiration via nightlife, fashion, art, and culture.

Role: Creative Producer, Event Producer

Challenges: At that point Kinfolk, has never held a panel of their own. I wanted to spotlight creative women within our community and create a project that empowers the community. I wanted our brand to have a stand and a stronger point of view.

Creative Solution: Upon viewing the adidas x Fiorucci collection, I reached out to adidas to do an editorial and event production because it felt like a perfect marriage combining Fioruccis heritage and adidas’ motive, with Kinfolk’s ethos. . I wanted the whole project to be by women, for women. I felt that as a menswear store and a nightlife company, we still have an obligation to provide a safe space for all people, including women. So we created an editorial modeled and photographed by women, and produced a panel highlighting respected individuals to speak about their come up.

adidas x Fiorucci Editorial

Photo: Valine Brana
Creative Producer: Josh Ilyas
Model: Briana Cherniak

Kinfolk Presents: adidas x Fiorucci
Location: Kinfolk 94
Event Producer: Josh Ilyas
Moderator: Marz Lovejoy
Panelists: Krystle Rodriguez, Pam Nasr, Anna Lenvenson, Nicole Mclaughlin
DJs: KittySayWord, Dylan the Gypsy