_ Patric Hanley’s Residency at Elizabeth Collective, Creative Producer - Roosi

Summary: Patric Hanley is a Brooklyn-based artist who specializes in gestural paintings made using oil paints in gradations of vivid tones. Abstract shapes fill his compositions portraying half circles,wavy lines and dynamic motifs that evoke the human body as well as natural landscapes. We worked with Hanley to unveil mixed-media works on wood panel for the first time at his residency at The Elizabeth Collective—made using oil, acrylic and spray paint. Ranging in scale,the artworks are installed across the third floor of the townhome that was originally designed with a beaux-arts flair by famed architects Warren and Wetmore.

Role: Creative Producer - Roosi

Challenges: This was the first time Elizabeth Collective have showcased any artist. The didn’t know the language on how to correctly set up a showcase and bring people in.

Creative Solution: Closing into the end of his residency, we decided to produce a 3 day exhibtion to showcase works being made during the residency. In doing so, we brought traffic and eyes to Patric’s new works. We handled art, marketing, sales, and promotion.