_ Meguru Yamaguchi’s Shadow Pieces, Creative Producer

Summary: GR Gallery announced “Shadow Pieces”, their first solo exhibition with Meguru Yamaguchi. The show revealed the latest series of artworks (titled “Shadow Piece”). Yamguchi showcased 15 brand new original pieces, still using his signature wood cut out technique, he introudces a new layer of technique, new color gradients and overlapping new forms of medium. In support of the show and transition, I produced a promotional video leading up to the show.

Role: Creative Producer/Director

Challenges and Solution: Many of Meguru’s Yamaguchi looks and feels the same. So, we wanted to show his progression as an artist and highlighting his new technique. A look and feel in the video that mirrors his work.

Director: Josh Ilyas and Matthew Zagada
Creativer Producer: Josh Ilyas and Matthew Zagada
Cinematographer/Video Editor: Iftakar Kaysar