Brand Strategist | Marketer | Community Director | Curator
Kinfolk 10 Year Anniversary

Kinfolk, founded in 2008 on the principles of artisanal craftsmanship, embodies a belief that all good things are made by good people. Over the years, Kinfolk has curated experiences and products that resonate globally, fostering collaborations with diverse communities, designers, and professionals to embody the essence of "Kinfolk Life." In celebration of our decade-long journey, I spearheaded a commemorative event inviting our peers and family from the past decade to honor our collective achievements and the vibrant community we've built. This immersive experience, meticulously crafted as a full 360 event, showcased the past, present, and future of Kinfolk. I conceived and orchestrated a dynamic weekend program across our three Brooklyn spaces, integrating art, music, and fashion to encapsulate the multifaceted spirit of Kinfolk.

Role: Creative Director / Strategist / Producer