_ Kinfolk 10 Year Anniversary, Creative Producer

Summary: Formed in 2008, Kinfolk was created based on a common ground of artisan values, the founders believed that all good things were made by good people. Kinfolk created experiences and products that ranges internationally, working with community, designers, builders, and various professions to embody the very essence of what is called “Kinfolk Life”. To celebrate 10 years of Kinfolk, I’ve decided to invite our peers and family from the last decade to pay homage to those who have been involved, and to highlight the community that it has been built by.

Role: Creative Producer

Challenges: To celebrate a decade of a brand, there were multiple layers that were involved. Kinfolk cover multiple categories across the board, from fashion, music, art, food, etc. Because Kinfolk was multi-faceted we had to involve many collaborators that highlights the past, present, and future of Kinfolk. The challenge was to highlight the diversity in what we did as a brand in a cohesive manner.

Creative Solution: I proposed and presented a full weekend that breaks down the multiple facets of Kinfolk. This involved creating experiences in each of our 3 spaces in Brooklyn.

The Kinfolk Store: Exclusive Collaborations with select brands that have been showcased in the brick and mortar through product collaboration, exhibition, and community sidewalk sale.


Bedwin & the Heartbreakers

Stone Island

Album Quilts

Carhartt WIP

Wacko Maria




Kinfolk 90: During the early years of Kinfolk’s first NY location, friends and family of Kinfolk used the space to showcase their art. This allowed an artisanal community to grow. So, I decided to curate a group show of artists who has showed in the space to be viewed through out the weekend. To tie in the experience we involved food and music element through people who have shared their taste in the space.


Alex Trochut

Chrissy Angliker

Eddie OTchere

Gia Seo

James Evans

Jasper Patch

Jerry Buttles

Joe Richard

Justin Hager

Maceo Eagle

Mike Lee

Milo Matthieu

Patric Hanley

Paul Chan

Thomas Gastelum

Kinfolk 94: The purpose of building 94 was to invite a bigger range of experiences that also has the balance of intimacy in a larger space. To celebrate our long-standing reputation for nightlife, we created a schedule to highlight performances, parties, and DJ sets through sponsors, collaborators, brands, and artists in our network.