Brand Strategist | Marketer | Community Director | Curator
HBO We Are Who We Are

HBO's "WE ARE WHO WE ARE" series, directed by Luca Guadagnino, celebrates individuality and contemporary youth culture. Through digital activations and curated kits distributed to influential figures, including a limited edition Eckhaus Latta tee and custom-designed BIG DATA(TM) USB drive, we engaged audiences in exploring the series' themes of self-identity. The USB drive, designed in collaboration with Caleb Flowers, contained a multimedia exploration of self-identity with original content from the series' talent and contemporary creators. This included gigabytes of imagery, video, music, and other digital ephemera, inviting recipients to ponder the question, "Who Are You?" Partnering with Eckhaus Latta, we invited artists to personalize shirts as representations of themselves. Additionally, our collaboration with NTS Radio produced a five-episode radio series featuring cast and crew members sharing personal insights, enriching the narrative of "WE ARE WHO WE ARE".

Role: Project Manager | Strategist

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NTS Radio