Josh Ilyas | Creative Producer

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Ilyas brings his roots and heritage to his work and to the community around him. Being multi-versed in different subcultures through growing up in the city, his work reflects those ideas, beliefs, and values.

His goal is to continue creating experiences and product through fashion, art, music, and culture. By putting emphasis to work with community, designers, builders, and various professionals, Ilyas aims to express stories that resonate universally.

Currently a Freelance Creative Producer/Strategist.


Hunter College (CUNY)
Emerging Media + Graphic Communications - 2014

Work Experience
Self Employed - Creative Producer (JULY 2019 - PRESENT) roosi - Co-Owner (JULY 2019 - PRESENT) Kinfolk - Brand and Retail Director (APRIL 2014 - JULY 2019) We Are Not Pilgrims - Freelance Photographer

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